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Angel Telecom Group

The Angel Telecom Group is a leading provider of international telephone traffic around the globe with two distinct key business division. Through ATAG (Angel Telecom AG) a professional, web-based trading platform for telephone minutes (ATTrade) is commercialized. ATAM (Angel Americas LLC) as the other business division is a leading provider of prepaid telecommunication services to the Hispanic and other ethnic communities within the US. ATHO (Angel Telecom Holding AG), which is the parent company of the group, has its head office in Blegistrasse 11a, Baar Switzerland and is a traded company on the Vienna Stock Exchange under the symbol AGLT.


Speed up the Wholesale! “ATTrade©” is the name of our professional trading platform owned by Angel Telecom with automated and optimized processes. This system is enabling our sales representatives to handle worldwide sales and buying activities in the most efficient way. The whole experience of the team in this challenging business and the knowledge about recurring and innovative requirements where implemented as features of ATTrade. This strategic step to integrate ATTrade in the wholesale business operations is a major technological and operational success and constitutes a real milestone in the company history!

Services & Capabilities

- Highly experienced team
- Custom trading platform
- Flexible payment terms
- Over 500 carrier interconnects
- Multiple POPs around the world
- Optional transcoding services available